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Spring break

I just read Philip Nel’s blog post on Kieran Setiya’s “The Midlife Crisis” (pointed there by a guest post on the late Alison Piepmeier’s blog, but that’s another story), with its distinction between telic and atelic activities (those with an … Continue reading

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Thirteen months later!

I had a lovely dinner* this evening with six of the eight students from my now-ended spring semester class at the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC, one of the happy consequences of which is that I’m now following … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking Through September

Retired Philadelphia Phillie Doug Glanville (who was the first African-American Ivy League grad* to play in the major leagues) has been writing a series of Op-Extra columns for the New York Times over the last couple of years.  They combine inside glimpses of … Continue reading

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