Thirteen months later!

I had a lovely dinner* this evening with six of the eight students from my now-ended spring semester class at the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC, one of the happy consequences of which is that I’m now following four of them on Twitter.  And one of the consequences of that was having to update my own Twitter account; and of that, deciding that I couldn’t have a link in my profile to a blog that hadn’t been updated in more than a year.

So: hi.

*All lovely: the company, the food, and the conversation**.  Less lovely: having to stay for 45 minutes when the restaurant’s computer went down after the check was generated but before the bill was paid.  Everyone was a good sport, though we were in a side room and we did get a little nervous about 35 minutes in, when they slid the big door closed…

**Book recs: from Giselle, Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.  From me, the many books in the Paris Review Interviews series (when David mentioned reading the one with Mary Karr in the Winter 2009 issue: look, it’s here!).

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