The Curator (September 2022): “PAGES: On Lea Feinstein’s Text-Based Paintings.” Essay about California painter Feinstein’s text-based paintings on Tyvek (on view at Keystone Artspace).

Electric Literature (February 2022): “A New Translation Emphasizes Bambi as a Parable for European Antisemitism.” Review essay of Felix Salten’s The Original Bambi: A Life in the Woods, translated by Jack Zipes (Princeton University Press).

The Curator (September 2021): “To Feel Something That Was Not Of Our World: Nina Katchadourian’s obsession with a family’s survival story.” Personal and critical essay about Katchadourian’s pandemic project at the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco.

The Inflectionist Review (October 2021): “Ghostly Collaborations: an interview with Flower Conroy and Donna Spruijt-Metz.” Interview with two poets on their collaboration with each other and with Emily Dickinson.

Amsterdam Quarterly (June 2021, “The Classics”): “On Mentors.” Short literary essay about mentors and mentoring.

Poetry Northwest (October 2020): “A Sense of Location and an Act of Leave-Taking: Remembering Eavan Boland.” Personal and critical essay.

RHINO Reviews: Review of Chanda Feldman’s Approaching the Fields (Louisiana State University Press).

ywwProfile from the Young Writers Workshop at the University of Virginia.

Short essay on the Young Writers summer 2019 theme, “Moment,” and Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish.”