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Spring break

I just read Philip Nel’s blog post on Kieran Setiya’s “The Midlife Crisis” (pointed there by a guest post on the late Alison Piepmeier’s blog, but that’s another story), with its distinction between telic and atelic activities (those with an … Continue reading

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First book of 2016

Reading Ruthellen Josselson’s Playing Pygmalion: How People Create One Another: People’s sense of reality is constructed in interconnection with those who make up their social world.  There is not an “out there” world to be perceived accurately or inaccurately. Instead, we … Continue reading

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This blog is not about reality TV, but

apropos of my post about MasterChef awhile back, I wanted to share Andrea Siegel’s New York Times Magazine piece “The Life Lessons Hidden in Reality TV.”  I particularly liked the first section, on Survivor, although I think I’ve seen maybe one episode during its … Continue reading

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