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“Among writers…the question is not who influences you, but which people give you courage.”

That quotation is from Hilary Mantel’s Paris Review interview, and I quote it in this interview with Bree Tadish from the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.  Three more weeks until winter classes start!  Here’s one question and answer: What do you hope your … Continue reading

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“What writers really do when they write”

Reading this piece by George Saunders in the Guardian about how writers feel their way toward what they didn’t consciously know they meant to write is like reading a poem or a novel and coming across one of those luminous, heartbreaking lines … Continue reading

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Dramaticules, by Brighde Mullins

My friend and former boss, playwright and poet Brighde Mullins, has a new blog about literature, plays, Los Angeles, and who knows what else.  Anything she writes about will be interesting. Here’s a recent post by Brighde on endings, “How … Continue reading

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Learning from “MasterChef”

At my house, we’ve been following the second season of MasterChef all summer, and we’ll be watching its conclusion on Monday and Tuesday. The contestants begin as ambitious home cooks, people who’ve clearly been “the chef” in their families and among … Continue reading

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