Dramaticules, by Brighde Mullins

brighde square

Photo by Ben Pack for USC Dornsife magazine (poorly cropped by me).

My friend and former boss, playwright and poet Brighde Mullins, has a new blog about literature, plays, Los Angeles, and who knows what else.  Anything she writes about will be interesting.

Here’s a recent post by Brighde on endings, “How Things End.”

I love this photo–if you go to Brighde’s site, you will see the whole thing.  I cropped it to include her face, some of the books on her desk, a bit of an orchid, and some of the alphabet blocks (I have a matching set in my classroom, but I do have to watch to make sure the students don’t use them to spell naughty words).

One of the things I most miss about working at USC’s MPW program is working with Brighde Mullins, Howard Ho, and the rest of the crowd there–including Dinah Lenney (whose new book The Object Parade has just come out from Counterpoint). And of course I miss the students.  It’s always about the people, isn’t it?

(Edited to correct the photo credit.)

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  1. Dan Knapp says:

    That particular picture of Bridghe was taken by Ben Pack for USC Dornsife Magazine. It appeared in the fall 2012 issue. I should know… I hired him to take it.

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