Rachel Wetzsteon (1967-2009)

Simone de Beauvoir, on the death of Albert Camus:

“It wasn’t the fifty-year-old man I was mourning…it was the companion of our hopeful years, whose open face laughed and smiled so easily, the young, ambitious writer, wild to enjoy life, its pleasures, its triumphs, and comradeship, friendship, love and happiness.  Death had brought him back to life; for him time no longer existed, yesterday had no more truth now than the day before; Camus as I had loved him emerged from the night about me, in the same instant recovered and painfully lost.  Every time a man dies, a child dies too, and an adolescent and a young man as well; everyone weeps for the one who was dear to him.”  (From Hard Times: Force of Circumstances, 1952-1962, 206).

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  1. Dear Nan,

    Thanks for this beautiful meditation on losing a distant comrade. It doesn’t seem that long ago (though it was) that you and I and Rachel were at the Wesleyan summer conference.

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