The travelling poet blogs

Brian Turner, author of Here, Bullet, is the 2010 recipient of the Amy Lowell Travelling Poetry Scholarship, and he’ll be contributing to the New York Times’ Home Fires blog as he travels.  His first post is on deciding where–and why–to go.  This will be one to follow!

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2 Responses to The travelling poet blogs

  1. bardiac says:

    Hey Nan!

    I saw that you’re on the web!

    Is that your Matt whose name is on the list for the new Christmas Carol film?


  2. nancohen says:

    Jan– Yes, that’s Matt! He is only barely recognizable in one of his roles, but he worked for two months on that movie and had a great time. If you go see it, I can tell you how to find him a couple of times for sure–the rest is conjecture!

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