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Virtual Car Wash for Homeboy Industries

Terribly hot in L.A. this week, fires, haze, high pressure system; the moon looks fuzzy tonight because there is so much particulate matter in the air.  And Homeboy Industries, the now-venerable job training and services program for former gang members … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Baby T.

This is the kind of thing that delights a poet in the early twenty-first century: someone makes your poem part of a child’s first birthday celebration and writes about it on a blog.

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Your Bright Future/Late Night Korea

The Master of Professional Writing Program at USC is participating in one of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Late Night Art events, this one on Saturday, September 12, in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking Through September

Retired Philadelphia Phillie Doug Glanville (who was the first African-American Ivy League grad* to play in the major leagues) has been writing a series of Op-Extra columns for the New York Times over the last couple of years.  They combine inside glimpses of … Continue reading

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Swindle, the daily poetry aggregator

Via Slog, the Stranger‘s blog, a link to the online journal Linebreak‘s aggregator, Swindle, which daily collects poetry published on the Net and archives the links for seven days.  They’re looking for more feeds, so drop them a line to suggest a site … Continue reading

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A game you can play

Returning to L.A. from Utah on Saturday, I took a JetBlue flight from Las Vegas to Burbank.  I’d finished everything I’d brought to read and entertained myself by watching other passengers board and file past my seat.  I invented the following game, … Continue reading

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Comedy of Errors update

Back from Napa, and back to the Beehive State to visit Matt.  Not a surprise, but the USF version of Comedy, directed by Kirk Boyd, is an excellent, swift-paced production.  (Swift-paced is key, as this play, though short, can really drag  if allowed.) … Continue reading

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