Comedy of Errors update

Back from Napa, and back to the Beehive State to visit Matt.  Not a surprise, but the USF version of Comedy, directed by Kirk Boyd, is an excellent, swift-paced production.  (Swift-paced is key, as this play, though short, can really drag  if allowed.)  Check out this two-minute promotional clip, which includes a glimpse of the scimitar-rubber chicken fight. 

Last night we drove up to Cedar Breaks National Monument, over ten thousand feet above sea level, to watch the Perseid showers.  There were few clouds, it was almost pitch-black except for a light in the ranger station restrooms, and visibility was amazing.  Some of the meteors made long, bright streaks across the sky–much more striking than any I’ve ever seen before.  We also saw a fox and lots of deer.

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