New poems in and The Night Heron Barks

Just catching up on some recently published poems. It’s my first appearance in both of these outlets, and I’m really delighted by both of them, having admired each for a long time:

“Meteor Crater,” “Cabin,” and “Feel” in This group feels like a sampler–three poems from three different skeins of my current book manuscript: one poem about a specific, real place; one poem about an imagined place from the fictional narrative in the book; one poem from the Thousand-Year-Old Words project. I love the gorgeous Meteor Crater image Terrain used, and that I had the opportunity to record all three poems.

“From the Lost Notebook 5” in The Night Heron Barks. This poem is from a fourth skein of the book–a scattering of “lost notebook” poems. This is the first one to be published so far. It also includes a recording.

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