Renga for Obama

rengaThe Harvard Review is hosting a celebratory “Renga for Obama” on the conclusion of our 44th president’s second term.  A renga is a Japanese collaborative form consisting of linked stanzas composed in pairs.  A new pair of stanzas appears each day—a traditional haiku(which many of us know in English as a three-line syllabic form of 5-7-5 syllables) followed by a waki (a two-line stanza of 7 syllables each) that responds, elaborates on, or turns the haiku.  Today’s addition is a collaboration between Vermont poet laureate Sydney Lea and me.  He wrote today’s haiku, and I wrote the waki.  This project involves over 200 poets and will continue over more than 100 days.  Please follow along if you are so inclined!

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