Catching up

Random bullets of not having posted on the blog in months (RBONHPOTBIM):

  • My poem “The Fear of the Dark” appeared on Slate a few weeks ago.
  • (Wow!)
  • We’re busy receiving and reading applications for the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference.  We pushed back the deadline for scholarship applications to mid-March, but apparently we didn’t get the word out widely enough, because by mid-March we had received far fewer applications than usual.  So we’ve extended the deadline again, to April 1.  If you applied for financial assistance by March 15, rest assured that we are reading your application carefully (and we noticed that you got it in early, too).
  • Regular admissions are rolling; we recommend that you apply by April 1, but will continue to accept applications until all workshops are filled.  We keep workshops small (about 12).
  • Poetry faculty this year are Jane Hirshfield, Linda Gregerson, Major Jackson, and David St. John.
  • (Wow!)
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