Rolling admissions, rolling along

As I mentioned, the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference switched to rolling admissions this year.  We began accepting applications on March 1, and are now encouraging e-mailed applications, as well.  (In the past, we accepted these only grudgingly and mostly from overseas applicants; now we’re set up to do so with few glitches.) 

The good news, from our point of view, is that many strong applicants are applying early.  Our only concern is that we will have to disappoint later applicants who won’t be able to get into their first-choice workshop–and may even end up turning away some people who would certainly have been admitted in the years when we had a universal deadline.  If you’re considering applying, please get your application in now.  If you have questions, please email me at nvwcpoetry ~at~ gmail dot com.

Scholarship applicants have until April 15 to apply so that we can consider the entire pool at once.  Still, it helps us if scholarship applicants apply earlier.  We will hold spaces in the workshops for anticipated enrollment by scholarship recipients.  A few of those, if not filled, will go to waitlisted applicants.

We think we’ve thought this through, but there will surely be a few unexpected results.  You can help us by getting your application in soon.  I’ll be sending out the first round of acceptances in a few days.

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