I created a group on Facebook for the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference.  If you are a past participant, a faculty member, or someone who hopes to attend the conference someday, please go and join!  I put up a few photos from recent years, and I hope we’ll be able to add more soon.

Meanwhile, we are changing the way we accept applications.  We will start taking applications on a rolling basis on March 1, earlier than in previous years, and responding at intervals of two weeks.  If you apply by March 1, we will respond by March 15; if you apply by March 15, we will respond by April 1, and so on.  For priority admission and a better shot at your first-choice workshop, we recommend you apply by April 1.  The scholarship deadline is April 15, so we will be reserving spots in workshops for scholarship applicants.  We hope that this system will help our participants arrange their summer travel and plans farther in advance, which many of you have told us you would appreciate.  If you have questions, please drop me a line at nvwcpoetry@gmail.com.

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