The Big Save Endangered Literature Challenge

Tupelo Press is running The Big Save Endangered Literature Challenge, a push to encourage readers to buy at least one book of poetry directly from Tupelo’s website:

Because: if you order just one book from our website at list price (plus postage), Tupelo benefits and you benefit! We log in a genuine full sale, you get a wonderful new book to savor. When you buy one of our books from a bookstore or from Amazon we receive only about 35 cents after deducting for bookstore discounts (50%), distributor’s fee (30% of what’s left), plus the substantial cost of making our beautiful books. We can’t run even a lean non-profit on that. But buy directly from our website, the net to Tupelo after costs is about $11.00. The difference to us is monumental.

if even half of the book lovers on our subscriber list buy just one book directly from our website, we can make our budget for the coming year.

I suspect that if you go to the website, you’ll have a hard time choosing, so why not buy two or three?

Here’s the list of authors.

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