Marilyn Hacker appearing at Antioch next week!

Link to the poster with full details 

Marilyn Hacker will read at Antioch University Los Angeles on Saturday, March 8 at 5:30 PM in room A1000.  (Antioch is all one building–next to a large parking structure!–so it’s very easy to visit.  Showing up at a large, unfamiliar campus and looking for a poetry reading can be a needle-haystack experience.)  There will also be a panel discussion with Joyce Jenkins of the venerable Poetry Flash and Eloise Klein Healy, Professor Emerita and founding director of the Antioch M.F.A. program. 

I realize only a handful of people are reading this, but you all really ought to go to this event, and bring your friends.  I will be exhorting my USC workshop to attend.  Marilyn Hacker is not only a singular, irresistible voice within her generation; she’s a poet who will be read for generations to come

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