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Automatic Slurpee

Like the people on the TV show Parks and Recreation–or so I gather–we sometimes stumble across odd phrases we think would make good band names.  Two that came up recently: the Poison Lollipops and Automatic Slurpee.  (The former from a bowl … Continue reading

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So it really was a broken air conditioner, or rather a blown fuse in the air conditioner.  It’s fixed now.  We survived. We spent one night at my mother’s because our house, after being closed up all day while we were … Continue reading

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“So thou through windows of thine age shalt see…”

It’s 104 degrees outside right now, and the air conditioning is not able to keep up–this afternoon the interior temperature has risen from 78 to 85 over the last few hours.  Our fingers are crossed for the system to hold up … Continue reading

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